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RSPH Qualified

Our staff are fully qualified to the regulated standards demanded by the Royal Society for Public Health. This means you can be assured that our operatives know what they are doing. You can relax knowing your pest problem will be dealt with competently and safely.

Flexible Hours

You need us to help you at a time that suits you. We pride ourselves on our flexible and fast response times. All this means you don’t have to put your life and business on hold while you wait for a pest controller to turn up. And we will keep you informed to let you know we are on the way.

All London Covered

We cover all London postcodes and districts. So wherever you are in London we will come to you.

Environmentally safe

We care about our impact on the environment so only use eco-friendly pest control solutions so you can be heartened that only the problem is eradicated and nothing else.

NPTA Member

Our membership of the National Pest Technicians Association means that you can be confident of receiving a service from a member of a reputable and recognised professional association. Our membership means that we have access to a shared body of knowledge that enables us to provide the most humane and efficient service possible to deal with your infestation.

Child and Pet Safe Service

We care about our impact on the environment so only use eco-friendly pest control solutions so you can be heartened that only the problem is eradicated and nothing else.

Fully Insured

And naturally, we have full insurance. Giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

Wherever you are in London, we’ve got you covered.

commercial pest control warehouse

Commercial Pest Control

Whether you have a restaurant, warehouse or offices an infestation can be devastating for your business. Not only in time lost, property or stock damage but worse still to your business reputation.

If you want peace of mind for long term pest control or have a current problem you need taken care of we are here to help.

Wherever you are in the London area we can be with quickly to remove your pest problem with minimum impact to your business.

domestic pest control

Domestic Pest Control


When you realise you have a pest problem in your London based property you want to be able to act fast.

Whether you are a homeowner or landlord you have enough to deal with without the extra headache of a vermin infestation.

Let us take away your pain fast at a time to suit you. And you can feel secure knowing our methods and products are eco-friendly and safe.

4 Simple Steps to Pest Control


First of all, we perform a thorough survey of your property (inside and out) to determine the type of pest and level of infestation you might have. This helps us understand and choose the best strategy.


Using only approved, safe and environmentally friendly pest control solutions we treat your property totally to eradicate the problem.

And all this is done quickly, efficiently and with discretion.


If you would like us to, we will come back within 3 months of the treatment to do a follow-up visit to check for re-infestation. So you can feel confident and have total peace of mind.


As prevention is better than cure we will also ensure that measures are taken to prevent re-infestation.

This includes stopping access and removing dead animals and other issues.

mouse pest 500


Mice Removal

If you find mice in your home or business premises it can be quite upsetting.

You should suspect you have a mouse problem if you find small dark droppings. You may also notice an ammonia smell.

Look for greasy marks on walls and skirtings. Other signs are finding shredded paper, damaged food packaging, gnaw marks on plastics and wood.


rat 500


Rats Control

One sign of a is rat problem if you find rice-grain sized droppings.

Like mice, rats leave greasy marks on walls and skirting and gnaw marks.

Rats will nest both inside and outside your property including in compost bins and under sheds. They also burrow next to solid objects. You may find food stores in such burrows.


cockroach 500


Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches are nocturnal winged insects up to 3cm in length.

You may not see them but you may smell them as they have a distinctive sweet musty odour.

Their droppings will be either seen as smear marks or like black pepper. Other indicators to watch for are their shed skins. These will be near to where they are sheltering.


waspsnest 500


Wasps Removal

Wasps are bright yellow with blank bands. They can be a real nuisance during the summer and getting stung by a wasp can be very painful. Finding a nest in your shed or attic can become a real problem.

Wasps are attracted to sugar. This can be a problem if you or your customers want to eat outdoors. Fruit trees and bushes will also attract fruit as crops develop and ripen.


greenbottlefly 500


Flies Control

Like wasps, flies can be a real nuisance in the summer. Flies can also spread disease. Some may even bite.

Apart from the obvious sighting of flies other signs to look for are pinhead-sized black spots on surfaces. Also, look out for maggots in discarded waste. These are the larval stage for flies and indicate a breeding spot.


bedbug 500


Signs of Bedbugs

Bedbugs are about the size of an apple seed. They tend to stay hidden but you may find dead ones if you check your mattress or couch.

Apart from being bitten, you may become aware of a bedbug problem by small blood stains on your bedding. Faecal matter shows as dark spots or smears on your sheets, pillowcases and even walls.

Bedbugs also give off an offensive musty smell.





Fleas are a persistent nuisance especially if you have pet dogs or cats.

Although you can diligently treat your pets and home sometimes in a bad year the problem can become overwhelming and you need extra help to get rid of a flea problem.


clothesmoth 500


Signs of Moths

If you find unexpected holes in your clothes or wool carpets you may have an issue with moths.

Other signs of moths will be evidence of their life stages including maggots, silken tubes and pupae. Moths often crawl rather than fly.

Moth larvae are the creatures that do the damage, eating natural textiles and fabrics including feathers, leather and wool.


ants 500


Ant Infestation

Finding ants on your property can be a real nuisance.

An ant problem is obvious. You can usually spot their nest site by a small pile of dirt or sand. Ants create trails for their colony to follow to food sources. Apart from being a nuisance they do not transmit disease or cause any real damage to your property.


pigeons 500


Pigeon Problems

Pigeons can become a problem and their droppings, apart from being unsightly, can spread disease.

You will know you have a pigeon problem if you have birds continually settling on your roof or ledge. You may notice signs that they are nesting in your guttering or roof space. Listen out for signs of young chicks and their persistent pigeon ‘coo-ing’ cry.


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