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If you are struggling with Food Moths, Carpet Moths, Common Moths, Meal Moths, Clothe Moths, or any Kind of Moths or insects we treat all…


How we Treat Moths


On appointment day Our professionally trained technician will survey your property to find the source of the problem

Moths Treatment

The treatment is normally a water-based professional Insecticide spray and air space Fogging treatment which will kill the moths. If there are eggs or a heavy infestation a second visit may be required.

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The Common Clothes Moth (Webbing Moth)

This moth is small, about 6-7 mm in length with a wingspan of around 12-14 mm. It is yellow-brown in colour with a red-orange tuft on its head.

The female lays eggs in a sticky material in groups of between 30 and 200. These eggs are about 1 mm in size, about the size of a pinhead. The eggs take 4 to 10 days to hatch into clothes moth larvae, which start to feed straight away. The caterpillar phase may last between 1 month to 2 years before they spin a cocoon to pupate into adults about 10 to 50 days later.

The moths tend to scuttle around rather than fly and normally live for another 15 to 30 days, normally after egg-laying or mating for females and males respectively.

food moth - indian meal moth

Food Moths

There are several varieties of food moths. Each have a wing span of between 10-18 mm and all tend to eat dried fruit, cereals, oilseeds and nuts. Some, in particular, the Warehouse Moth, also infest fish, spices, cocoa and tobacco.

The most common is the Indian Meal Moth, which originates from South America. The female will produce up to 500 eggs and these hatch in around two weeks. The food moth larvae then move over the food covering it in their larval silk as they progress.

If you want to get rid of food moths or carpet moths you are advised to get professional help from a moth pest control service. Rapidkill Pest Control provides excellent moth pest control in London, wherever you live or work in the area.

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