Are you looking for pigeon removal or pigeon pest control services in London? Pigeon’s have long been a common sight in London and are possibly seen as part of the London scenery. However, pigeons can be a real nuisance. They create a mess, block gutters and drains, make a noise and smell. They can also spread disease through their droppings.

Although pigeons are considered the main bird pest in London other birds may be causing a problem for you too. For example, seagulls are major scavengers and often make a real nuisance of themselves near landfill sites or coastal locations.

Often the pest control solutions will be similar.

So when do you need to consider pigeon pest control for pigeon removal?



  • Obviously, if you have a visible problem with pigeons nesting or making a mess. An occasional pigeon visiting your premises does not mean you have an issue but seeing even a couple on a regular basis could soon become a problem if they nest nearby.
  • You may not notice them nesting but if you hear persistent cooing coming from your roof or attic you may have a nesting pair in residence.
  • You may have pigeon problems if you have solar panels as pigeons are adapting to nest under them.
  • If you are a London based food business with outdoor dining bird proofing may be something you would like to consider.

Pigeon Facts

The Feral or Street pigeon is descended from domestic pigeons that have returned to the wild. Originally bred from the wild rock dove, which inhabits sea cliffs and mountains, the domestic and feral pigeon will substitute ledges and gutters in urban environments for its natural habitat.

city pigeons

The pigeon varies in colour, with some even white, but most are varying shades of grey with some black barring on wing feathers and some green to purple colouring around the neck and chest.

Pigeons are normally around 30 cm in length and can weigh around 400g.

Their nests are normally a mess of twigs and straw. They will often build in attics, in building cavities, on any ledge including guttering, bridge supports or any suitably sized hole in a wall.

Pigeons tend to mate for life and a pair can raise 4 broods of 2 eggs a year including throughout the winter if conditions are right. Eggs take 17 days to be incubated and a young pigeon will be able to fly within 35 days.

Pigeons eat pulses, grains and seeds but will also eat discarded food scraps that they scavenge in towns and cities. Pigeons tend to congregate, which is what can cause more of a problem with their droppings, also known as guano.

If pigeons are a persistent problem you should contact a pest control service such as Rapidkill to assist with appropriate humane and non-lethal exclusion systems and deterrents.

How We Approach Pigeon Removal in London For You

If you are struggling with issues caused by pigeons then we can help you with pigeon removal and installation of pigeon repellent solutions.

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1. Please get in touch with us using the form below with details of the issues you currently have.


2. Our technician will come out to survey your premises and look to see if there are specific entry points to your premises if relevant. They will also explain the deterrents and exclusion systems used. For example, netting, spikes and grid systems.

3. If required we can provide a guano decontamination and removal service too. We then treat the area with a biocide to kill any bacteria, viruses and fungus that may be present due to the pigeon mess.


4. If requested we can do a return visit if there are any further problems.

How to Prevent Further Pigeon Problems


  • Cleanliness is one of the most important things to ensure there is no food supply for pigeons. This means keeping your premises clean, clearing all food waste promptly, especially if you have outdoor eating areas in a food business. Watch out for food sources left by customers near bins too.
  • As with other pests, such as rats and mice, it is also important to keep bins covered.
  • Check for any access points that the pigeons may be using to get into your building if they are nesting in your loft or attic. Look for loose or broken tiles. Regular gutter cleaning will also help remove pigeon nests and deter them.

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