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Do you Have a Mouse Pest Problem?

Have you found signs of mice in the house? Although the signs are similar to those with a rat problem there are some specific differences. You may have a mice infestation and need mice pest control services if you have any of the following signs:

4 Simple Steps to Pest Control



First of all, we perform a thorough survey of your property (inside and out) to determine the type of pest and level of infestation you might have.  This helps us understand and choose the best strategy.


Using only approved, safe and environmentally friendly pest control solutions we treat your property totally to eradicate the problem. And all this is done quickly, efficiently and with discretion.


If you would like us to, we will come back within 3 months of the treatment to do a follow-up visit to check for re-infestation. So you can feel confident and have total peace of mind.


As prevention is better than cure we will also ensure that measures are taken to prevent re-infestation. This includes stopping access and removing dead animals and other issues.



  • You find gnaw marks around the home. Things to look for are chew marks on food packaging, clothing, plastic and wooden items and newspapers or magazines. They will chew anything including wires and pipework.
  • You spot small fresh mice droppings scattered around the places the mice go to regularly. This will be more likely where near food. Kitchen cupboards and surfaces being the most likely places.
  • Other signs of a mice infestation are tracks and tail marks through the dust. You will be more likely to see this in an attic. Also, look out for greasy marks where they pass through spaces frequently. These may be small.
  • If you have pet cats or dogs you may notice them getting excited and showing an interest in places the mice are frequenting.
  • Mice tend to build nests in dark places. Typical places you may find signs of a mouse nest is under furniture, behind fridges and in cupboards. A nest may look like a small ball or pile of shredded material.
  • As mice urinate frequently you may notice a strong ammonia smell. Add to this the unpleasant smell of a dead mouse in the house when they die. This may seem to come from under a floorboard or near a gap in a wall.
  • You hear scrabbling or scratching noises at night coming from under floorboards, in the attic and in partition walls or ceilings.

The House Mouse

Finding signs of a mice infestation and having a need for mice pest control has been a problem for humanity since we started storing food.

Mice pest control starts with understanding the house mouse.

The house mouse is very small, up to 9 cm in length, with a similar length tail, which like their ears is almost hairless.

They are very agile and small so they can jump and squeeze through tiny spaces. In fact, all they need is a 5mm gap (about the size of the top of a pencil!

brown rat


 Mice Infestation by klickblick from Pixabay

Being rodents, they need to continuously gnaw to keep their teeth size down. Apart from the damage to your property and food they can also spread bacteria and disease as they move around. Another risk is fire and flooding due to their persistent chewing.

Being rodents, they need to continuously gnaw to keep their teeth size down. Apart from the damage to your property and food they can also spread bacteria and disease as they move around. Another risk is fire and flooding due to their persistent chewing.

The house mouse does drink water but can survive for periods on dry food too.

The mouse gestation period is 20 days and a single mouse can have up to 14 young. Mice do not like light and will be more active in the evening or at night.

As mice are social creatures and have big families once you have a mice infestation


Mice Pest Control Services in London

If you have found signs of a mice infestation in your property the best thing to do is to use mouse pest control services. That way you can be assured of total removal and follow up afterwards.

If you want to get rid of mice in your house we suggest the following course of action:

LET US Give you a free quote



1. Get in touch with us using the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss what needs to be done and explain the process to you.


2. Our professionally trained technician will then survey your property to assess the level of the problem. The technician will be looking to see how the mice are getting in, where they are within the property and then consider the appropriate course of action.

3. The next step is to treat the mouse pest problem. When there is a mice infestation your pest control service provider will treat your home using environmentally approved and safe products. Depending on the level of infestation this may be a combination of baiting, trapping and entry proofing.


4. If you want us to come out after treatment we also provide a follow-up service to check that the process has been effective.

Mice Infestation Preventation and After Care


  • Once you have got rid of your mice infestation our technician will ensure that any entry points are sealed so you do not have a re-occurrence.
  • We advise you to keep all food in suitable mice proof storage containers and make sure any spills are cleaned up immediately.
  • Keep your garden clean and tidy and remove debris that mice could use as a nesting site.
  • Make sure to cover all household waste containers  including bins and compost heaps to prevent access.
  • If you have gaps under exterior doors install door sweeps or brush strips to keep the gap less than 4mm.

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